Delivery methods

Delivery methods
1. Go to the store to pick up the deposit
Our shop deposits on-site service covers all of Hong Kong.

2. Multiple pick-up and pick-up points
System-According to the volume of the product, we will calculate whether the order is applicable to the pick-up point. The pick-up point includes: By the way, the smart cabinet, SF Service Center

Self-pickup procedure at pick-up point:
• The pick-up location is displayed on the checkout page
• After the package arrives at the pick-up point, the customer will receive a text message sent by the system, please follow the instructions to pick up the package at the selected location
• If the goods are not picked up within 48 hours after the goods arrive in the smart cabinet, the dispatcher will collect the goods at any time
•If the order amount is less than HK$500, SF Express shipping will be paid on delivery

3. Pick up at store
Pick up at the store, simple and quick.